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Happy Galentine's Day

Yaaay, this week we're celebrating a very important day and we are not talking about Valentine’s day. We are talking the day we celebrate female friendship: Galentine’s day on the 13th of February.

What is Galentine's Day?

Galentine’s Day started out as a sitcom invention by Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), major of a small town on the show Parks and Recreation, and has since became an addition to the holiday calendar.

The 13th of February, the day before Valentine’s day, is all about celebrating the strong ladies you know, to show them how much you appreciate and love them. So spend it with your gal pals, even though it'll be through a phone or laptop screen this year.

Here are a couple of fun ideas on how to celebrate Galentine's Day.

Organise a good old fashioned group (Zoom) call

What's better than a good old fashioned group call with your besties? Load up on snacks and your favourite drinks and get ready for a night full of chit chat.

Treat each other (and yourself) to a shopping spree

Who doesn't love a good shopping spree? It's time to treat yourself and your gal pals to a trip to your local shopping mall and do some damage.

You could also host an online shopping spree. In stead of Netflix and chill it'll be FaceTime and shop.

Send your besties flowers and tell them how much you love them

Nothing says "I love you" like sending someone flowers and a nice card. Let your BFF know how much you love her by writing a special message.

Give each other DIY gifts

Take this special occasion to gift each other something truly special: a gift you made all by yourself for her. Or you could make something together, double the fun.

Make a photo album of all your favourite moments together

You and your bestie girl have been through so much together. Just think of all the fun times and adventures you've had. What better way to cherish your friendship than to make a photo album filled with all the pictures you took together?

2 words: Netflix party

You've probably watched countless of movies together, you can make it extra fun this Galentine's Day. Take out all your favourite movies and watch them all in one sitting. Get your popcorn and drinks ready for a night of bingewatch-fun.

Take this day to celebrate the love you have for your homegirls and have fun! 🤩

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