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We empower and elevate women


Deeja is a platform created to empower women. So that they can become who they really wanna be. 

We do that by providing the tools and connections they need to find their way in this world. 


Trust your intuition

and success will follow.
Life is for the dreamers. 

- Deeja

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Deeja is the story of a young woman that wants it all in life. The question really is, what is that? Very soon she discovered that success is not materialistic. Success is personal and can mean different things.

Success comes down to what makes you happy in life. Success is determining yourself what you want to do, not letting society's way influence your decisions. Success is about following your dreams and letting yourself dream in the first place.

Deeja is a safe space where women can get what they need in their journey towards their success.


With a team of strong leading ladies we organise fun get-togethers, events and write blogs all to help you get your dream life. We are a tribe that's there for each other, every step of the way.

Are you a Deeja? 

The story of Deeja

Meet the team

Khadija is person who

started it all. Deeja literally stems from her name KhaDEEJA. She has a crazy sense of humor and has a

talent for making people

smile and laugh.



Bouchra is the meme

queen of the group. She's

our student of life always ready to crack a joke in any situation. Fun and laughter guaranteed with Bouchra

by your side. 



The best way to describe Shelsey is: a dog mom who is addicted to iced lattes and has seen every season of Grey’s 

Anatomy multiple times. She's 

also passionate about pasta.




Wanna join us?

Do you have amazing content you

believe would fit great on our website or socials. Or do you want to help us out at our events? Hit us up at

We are always looking for talented people

to join us. 

So if you are or know someone who loves

women empowerment, you might be the one 

we're looking for!

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